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This is My Promise to You

This weekend will change your life…

I want to welcome you to my world…
What does that mean, you ask? For starters, it’s the whole VIP experience. Partying at Warsaw’s most elite nightclubs. Meeting beautiful women. Dining with the stars. And, yes, being pampered every step of the way. After reading the feedback of hundreds of clients, I stand by this promise: this weekend will blow you away. You will have more fun than your previous 52 weekends combined. But more than just this, this weekend will be an education in how to build a social world that you love, and pays you back. Consider this weekend a kind of “jet fuel” to accelerate your personal growth. I can’t wait to meet you.

About Kamal

Kamal Jahid is an entrepreneur, world-renowned author, life-coach, and blogger, based in Warsaw, Poland. He is Co-Founder of men’s brand Glamorous Pochette and Eastern European nightclub service EastVIPs. He was named Morocco’s “Blogger of the Year” two years in a row, and has helped thousands of men from around the world become better versions of themselves through personal coaching.

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The Experience

Airport Pickup

Forget about the taxi. Forget about public transit. Developing social capital in a city starts from the very beginning. You’ll be picked up by Kamal’s personal driver at the airport and start the weekend the right way.

Get 5 stars Hotel Stay

Start day your (and end your night) in style. We have arranged rooms for my VIP clients at Warsaw’s top hotels, with great views of the city-center, and central location optimal for partying.


As you know, the dining scene in many top cities can change quickly. We have our finger on the pulse of Warsaw, and strong relationships with the managers and chefs of the top eating establishments in the city. Kamal will take you for a meal to remember. Of course, the food will blow you away, but Kamal will also show you how eating out can help you build social capital.

Coaching Sessions at Warsaw’s Premier Business Club

Yes… yes, I know. You’re in Warsaw to play. But there is some work to do, too. I have helped coach thousands of men from around the world to improve their confidence and ability to communicate with women. You will be on the receiving end of one of my most effective workshops. My clients love it, and you will, too. Bring your notebook.

Get my Entire Life’s Work

Kamal has been writing for the last eight years. His work has touched on everything—how to dress, how to attract women, and how to take your life to the next level. As a VIP Weekend client, you will have access to all of it. You will have all 12 of his books (including his recent, Nine Habits of Attractive Men), and exclusive access to materials for which people ordinarily pay hundreds and thousands of euros.


Warsaw is fast becoming one of Europe’s fashion epicenters. This is a secret, but after your Warsaw weekend, you’ll be on the inside. And compared with much of Europe, Warsaw’s top quality tailoring can be done at a very reasonable price. I will personally introduce you to some of Warsaw’s top men and women of fashion to get you measured for new threads. Nothing gives a man confidence like a brand new suit that fits perfectly.


Confidence is closely tied to physical and psychological strength. Whether you are a certified gym rat, or someone who has been promising themselves that they will start working out more, this will be an important experience for you. Together, we will be coached through a workout, and given a workout regimen, that you can continue when you go home. Many of my clients say that after this experience, they kept a good gym habit, for a long time afterward.

Personal Hair Dressing

Kamal will share his personal hair dresser with you. As it turns out, Kamal also shares this hair dresser with Warsaw’s business and fashion all-stars. During your consultation, our hair dresser will work magic with your hair. But even more important he will share the secrets of his art, to make sure you will be able to keep your hair looking its very best even after you return home. This is a good preparation for going out, but also an education.

VIP Clubbing

This is what it is all about. There is a reason people fly from all over to party in Warsaw. There is an even bigger reason why they do it to party with Kamal. Nightclubbing and partying without knowing anyone can be draining: waiting in lines, and begging bouncers, etc. Nightclubbing as an all-star is completely different. VIP entrances, bottles, handshakes with the manager, and the bouncers. It all makes a difference. This is what you will experience.

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The very basic core of a man's living spirit is his passion for adventure. Christopher McCandless
This weekend produced more wild stories than the previous three years of my life did… Kamal took care of us like he would one of his closest friends. Just for the experiences themselves this was worth it –but it was even more about the learning. One thing is for sure: I’m coming back to do this again. James L. Turner
I don’t know any other way to say it. Kamal owns Warsaw. After this experience, I basically started asking myself what I was doing with my life… And then I decided to change it using the tools Kamal gave me. This was worth it three times over. Marcus Lyon

Is this trip for me?

Almost certainly, yes. Literally, all kinds of people enjoy the weekend. Younger guys looking for a break from a boring first job. Sixty year old guys who just got divorced and want to make up for lost time. International play boys. Scientists. Politicians. Artists. You name it, all kinds of people come, and all kinds of people end up loving Warsaw.

What should I bring?

One thing not to bring: your work. One thing to bring: a positive attitude. Aside from that, it really depends. Bring spending money that lines up with your own lifestyle and spending habits. A lot is included in what you pay for, including two dinners and bottle service. But use your judgement.

The truth is, I’m not great with women, and don’t party that much…

Look, it is normal to be a little bit nervous partying in a new city. But actually, I think you’ll find that when you party like a VIP, your confidence level will automatically go up. And it’s been my job to coach men in exactly your shoes, and I have been doing this for a decade. I promise you won’t regret taking the leap of faith.

What if I’ve never been to Poland?

Then, my friend, quite simply, you’ve been missing out. You will be introduced to a fascinating country with interesting history, culture, and food. This will be a weekend to remember.

What is the cancellation policy?

All sales are final. If you need to reschedule, this is sometimes possible, but there are costs associated with this, connected to reservations.

What if I don’t like vodka?

Trust me, you will.